Reflections on the State of Society and Why I am Studying Permaculture

Reflections on the State of Society and Why I am Studying Permaculture

My attention has moved from annual crop production to long-term, permanent crop production. I am certain that real wealth will not be found in bank accounts and retirement accounts – which the Federal Reserve is systematically destroying (whether intentionally or out of ignorance and hubris I don’t know, and it doesn’t matter). Wealth is to(…)

Making and Using Garden Tripods

Over the winter, I took a few classes on low-cost, low-impact gardening. One innovation that caught my eye was the garden tripod. Very versatile in its use, it’s easy to make from inexpensive or recycled wood, and is very portable. So I made my own, but with a slight variation. The version I saw last(…)

Potting On & An Adjustment to the Wooden Tray Length

Potting On Potting On, or transplanting seedlings from smaller pots to larger pots, is a tad different when working with soil blocks. In traditional transplanting, seedlings have to be gently removed from smaller pots, and replanted in larger pots. It involves a fair amount of handling of the plant, and requires assuring enough soil is(…)

Introduction to Soil Blocking

Soil blocking, on first exposure, was both easier and more difficult that I expected. There is a certain technique to settling the soil solidly in the forms that I haven’t quite mastered, so my blocks are a bit uneven. On several occasions I had to remake a set of blocks. There was also some tendency(…)

Maybe I Overdid the Seed Order?

Okay, so the FEDCO seeds arrived today, which means this weekend I begin sowing in seed blocks. I’ve got a lot to do: Artichokes – 2 types Beans – 3 types Beets – 2 types Broccoli – 2 types Brussels Sprouts – 1 type Cabbages – 6 types Carrots – 2 types Cauliflower – 1(…)