A Happy Peasant

“The job of peasants, you might say, is to stay out of the archives.” –John Scott, “The Art of Not Being Governed” A half dozen years ago I made an important realization: I am a peasant. The word came to me from biologist and plant breeder Carol Deppe, through a comment she made in one(…)

Reflections on the State of Society and Why I am Studying Permaculture

Reflections on the State of Society and Why I am Studying Permaculture

My attention has moved from annual crop production to long-term, permanent crop production. I am certain that real wealth will not be found in bank accounts and retirement accounts – which the Federal Reserve is systematically destroying (whether intentionally or out of ignorance and hubris I don’t know, and it doesn’t matter). Wealth is to(…)

How I Eat Now

It’s a strange thing to be eating so little, yet to be able to work so much and to have energy late into the evening. Today I got up at 5;30, and had 2 cups of coffee, 1 with grass-fed butter and coconut oil in it, the other with raw milk and cream. At 9:30(…)

Time Constraints Force a Reevaluation of My Priorities and Methods

Farming has taken on a new seriousness for me, so I have violated my initial principle of doing everything on the cheap. This last summer, for example, I bought a 17′ x 28′ greenhouse. I did get it used, of course, for about 1/3 its new price, and at a third less than the seller(…)

Taking Stock, 2012

This blog has been neglected – there’s just no getting around it! As I posted last December, Hurricane Irene put a hurt on Vermont. I was immediately involved in local recovery efforts, and then became part of a FEMA-funded recovery program that lasted until late October, 2012. In addition, my mother-in-law – who lived with(…)

I Found a Use for a Beekeeper’s Suit

Last night some animal tipped over one of my beehives. It wasn’t badly damaged, so probably not a bear. Quite possibly a raccoon, skunk, woodchuck (wouldn’t that be ironic?) or the like. I needed to tip it upright and re-establish it on its wooden base. Since I don’t own a beekeeper’s suit, I did my(…)