Constructing a Beehive

Original post: 5.26.11. Updated: 2.26.13 Beehives can be made of wood or styrofoam. I’ve argued elsewhere that styrofoam hives are my choice because they have several advantages: they are warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, and are not prone to mold (as wooden frames are). Strictly speaking, foam hives don’t need to(…)

Potting On & An Adjustment to the Wooden Tray Length

Potting On Potting On, or transplanting seedlings from smaller pots to larger pots, is a tad different when working with soil blocks. In traditional transplanting, seedlings have to be gently removed from smaller pots, and replanted in larger pots. It involves a fair amount of handling of the plant, and requires assuring enough soil is(…)