Introduction to Soil Blocking

Soil blocking, on first exposure, was both easier and more difficult that I expected. There is a certain technique to settling the soil solidly in the forms that I haven’t quite mastered, so my blocks are a bit uneven. On several occasions I had to remake a set of blocks. There was also some tendency(…)

Maybe I Overdid the Seed Order?

Okay, so the FEDCO seeds arrived today, which means this weekend I begin sowing in seed blocks. I’ve got a lot to do: Artichokes – 2 types Beans – 3 types Beets – 2 types Broccoli – 2 types Brussels Sprouts – 1 type Cabbages – 6 types Carrots – 2 types Cauliflower – 1(…)


I ordered 100 strawberry plants, before I realized I would need to allocate one square foot per seedling. So, they’re not going to fit in my garden, or – as I had originally planned – in my hoop house area. My first thought was to sell half, which would help. But my father-in-law doesn’t appear(…)

Keeping Records

For me, it’s important to keep records on what I plant and how well those plantings do. For one thing, I want to evaluate the entire spectrum of the gardening cycle as it pertains to each particular planting: which seed sources produce better germination rates and better transplanting success; which types of a vegetable perform(…)

Buying Supplies

So here’s where the rubber hits the road – I’m actively spending money on seeds and equipment, and trying to do it in a manner befitting an apprentice Woodchuck. Which makes me think of a cartoon from┬áThe New Yorker about 25 years ago in which two joggers are standing alongside a path, dressed in the(…)

Creating Warmer Micro-Climates

A four-season harvest requires maximizing warmth. These are some techniques I’ve picked up to add or preserve heat at plant level.   The key concept is that it is a four season harvest, not four season growing. Winter crops are planted from mid- to late-summer and complete a significant portion of their growth before deep(…)